Making a great video is a proven way to showcase your products, services, or organization.

However, in some instances, this is not only an exercise in futility but also the cause of irreparable damage to the business.

My experience in the industry has shown that the problem of poorly done corporate video production often afflicts small and medium scale business who mostly chose to go it alone without hiring the services of a reputable video production company in Delhi, Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR, and other jurisdictions.

If you wish to produce winning videos for your video marketing campaigns, join me as we go through some common mistakes to avoid.



One mistake some video marketers often make is to concentrate on delivering facts and figures without bothering to retain the interest of the viewers.

A good presentation in terms of content can still be dull and uninspiring, prompting viewers to navigate away to other stuff on the internet.

Put some life into your videos and make sure they are able to attract and retain the interest of your target audience.

The quality of your choice of the video production house in Delhi is central to your success or failure.



Some businesses also make the cardinal mistake of going on and on about their team and brand without adequately addressing the benefits that accrue to the viewer/customer.

While you may be super-excited and enthusiastic about your brand, it pays to remember that clients care little about you and more about themselves.

Hire a video production house and work collaboratively to get the best results.



I have also come across videos that were nicely done with the only problem being it wasn’t easy to recall the companies behind them.

It’s good for people to remember your content but even better to recall the brand behind the video.

This can only be achieved through proper branding such as adding your website URL and logo, among other strategies.



There are many other errors that can afflict your video marketing such as
▸ Lack of focus on a single message.
▸ Lack of emotion.
▸ Failure to promote it or use SEO.
▸ Lack of a call to action.



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