Architectural photography is a comprehensive subject that features lots of diversity, techniques, and principles. Bhavi Media excels in ensuring the right blend of lighting, composition, and framing for a perfect shot all the time. If you are looking for reputable architectural photographers in India, Bhavi Media is the way to go.


▸ Bhavi Media architectural photography focuses on the building within its context. We, therefore, keep it in the frame if the scenery compliments it.

▸ We use plenty of illumination, interesting shadows, and other surface details which add up to showcase your property effectively.

▸ Natural light brings out the best architecture photography shots, which is why we try to avoid artificial light as much as possible, unless it’s highly required.

▸ Our team of architectural and interior photographers can approach a photo shoot strategically, to make even boring architectural form a fantastic story.

▸ We ensure the right shots by using wide angle lenses and reducing the amount of distortion as much as possible..

▸ Our objective is always to highlight the crucial characteristics of any property through impeccable professional photography services to aid  businesses, hotels and resorts, interior designers, luxury venues, builders, real estate etc. get leads and make conversions..

▸ We can also produce an interactive 360-degree virtual tour of the property for use on your website and social media campaigns, among others. Potential clients can view it through a VR headset such as Oculus VR and Google cardboard.


If you wish to hire a professional architectural or interior photographer to help shine a spotlight on your property, Bhavi Media is here to help. Call us today to discuss your commercial photography requirement and hear how we can help. Drop us a line at +91 958 2218 821 or mail to [email protected]


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