Bhavi Media brings you the best in corporate photography services to cater to your unique needs. Making portraits is an art, whose real essence can only be crafted and understood by the discerning eye.

The Bhavi Media team provides different corporate portraits that cover business headshots/ profile shots for the ‘About US’ section and even staff photography.


▸ Our photography services involve an endeavor to understand your exact needs so that your portraits can reveal your true corporate image.

▸ The office environment when blended with the right lights and ambient plays a special role in expressing corporate photography.

▸ We work with you or your team as an extension of your organization. Also, have covered many corporate events.

▸ We are conversant with enhancing the value of photography by including all aspects of location, customers, employees, etc. This helps to convey a narrative depiction of your businesses.

▸ Different shots impact the mind differently. For instance, headshots are a good choice and a quick way of representing any business, while portrait shots are great at displaying a more personal touch.

▸ If the project demands, we travel to clients’ location with the necessary equipment, makeup artists, and stylists to create a more realistic and dynamic portrait on location.


Talk to us today to discuss your needs. We give you the best in quality and flexibility at competitive rates. Drop us a line today to get more information about our premium services at +91 958 2218 821 or mail to [email protected].


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