Although video marketing has been around for some time, it has only started to claim its rightful place in recent years. Its effectiveness and popularity have made it an indispensable tool in the marketing initiatives of every business, large and small.

The ease with which businesses can find a reputable and affordable video production company in Delhi is making it easy for most to successfully adopt or optimize their video marketing strategies.

One thing you can never ignore when working on your video marketing strategy is capturing prevailing data and trends.

To help, we take a closer look at some mentionable video marketing trends and statistics for 2018-19.



Top Video Marketing Trends

Transcribing your videos

Transcribing your videos that is optimized with relevant keywords brings undeniable DEO benefits.

Google’s algorithm now places increased focus on YouTube videos, meaning that fully transcribing your videos gives you increased visibility.

Another reason to transcribe is that statistics indicate that 85 percent of videos are consumed in the absence of audio.


Increased Use of AR and 360° Videos

360 degree virtual video

While 360° Videos are going through a major resurgence, Augmented Reality has come of age as a marketing tool.

The technology allows you to give customers an immersive and interactive experience of your products or services.

The 46 percent click-through rate recorded by Google on 360° Videos when compared to standard options gives you an attractive lower cost-per-view.



▸ Most common videos Explainer Videos, Product Videos, How-To, Testimonials
▸ Growth of live video streaming
▸ Use of squared videos on Facebook for increased visibility
▸ Increased use of Facebook Watch
▸ Rise in social media advertising costs owing to increased demand
▸ Live video on social channels to play a more central role in content strategy



Here are some of the video marketing statistics that you must consider in shaping your content and video marketing strategies for the year 2018-19.

64% of consumers make purchases after viewing branded social videos
80% of all internet traffic will be constituted by video marketing by 2019
▸ 80 percent of people can recall a video they watched during the last 30 days
A product video on your landing page can boost conversions by 80%
92 percent of mobile video viewers share them with others
4x as many people would rather watch a product video as opposed to reading
96 percent of people who view videos say they influence their buying decision
▸ More than 50 percent of videos are watched on mobile
▸ Emails that include video content increase the click-through rate of 200-300 percent
▸ The most effective videos are testimonial videos (51 percent), tutorial videos (50 percent), and demo videos (49 percent)



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