Using text and audio to connect with the market and share the benefits of your products and services as well as what sets you apart can be a taxing affair that bears little fruit in the end.

This is because, as research suggests, only 20 percent of people remember what they read, while only a paltry 10 percent will remember what they heard.

Your value proposition must be clearly spelled out within the first 10 seconds as users often drift away within the first 10-20 seconds if they find no reason to continue consuming your content.

Producing and deploying animated explainer videos goes a long way in helping you retain the interest of users, clearly deliver your message, and enable users to remember your brand and the information shared.

Here is a more detailed look at some of the business benefits of animated videos.



explainer video

Research on the behavior of internet users revealed a strong focus of images that carry and convey information as opposed to text and sound.

This coupled with the fact that humans process visual information quicker than text by a massive 6000 times, is proof positive that animated explainer videos work.



They deliver more information in less time by merging images and sound.

They often feature interesting storylines or characterization of viewers making it easy for target market to watch them through and retain the information.



Animated explainer videos are the go-to content if you want to articulate your message or information about your products or services with as much clarity as possible.

An explainer video company in India can help you craft videos that simply even the most complex information.



Being a tailored product, animated explainer videos do a great job of showcasing your brand persona.

All the ingredients such as your brand colors, logo, narrative, and voiceover work to reinforce your brand awareness and generate trust.



Animated videos produced by a reputable video production company in Delhi allow you to easily stats and metrics related to consumption of your content.



Other benefits of working with an explainer video company in India include boosting your conversions, bringing the number of consultations down, raising click-troughs, increasing sales, and getting better rankings in search engine result pages.

You can also easily avail the services of animated explainer and ad film making companies in Delhi at competitive rates.



The most important determinant of the success or failure of your animated explainer videos is the quality.

Search for explainer video production company in Delhi and do some background research to isolate an explainer video company in India that is well placed to cater to your requirement.

Go for video production services in Delhi that are backed by experience and use all the latest tools and technologies to bring out the best results.